Chiefs vs. Vikings: Vikings lead 16-10 in third quarter

Chiefs vs. Vikings: Vikings lead 16-10 in third quarter

(**)(***)The (****)(*****)(***)Kansas City Chiefs(****)(******)(***) host the (****)(*******)(***)Minnesota Vikings(****)(******)(***) in a Week 9 matchup at Arrowhead Stadium. Keep checking back for live updates of the game!(****)(********)
(****************)(************)First half(*************)(*****************)
(******************)(************)First drive: (*************) The Chiefs took over at their own (******************************************************************) yard line and got Mecole Hardman the ball on a seven-yard jet sweep for their first play. Tyreek Hill couldn’t bring in a tough catch on second down. On third down, Moore found McCoy in the flat — but he was not able to get the first down. The Chiefs punted and were able to pin them inside the (************************************************************************). (********)
(*******************)(************)Second drive: (*************)After minimal gains on the first two plays of the drive that started from their own (***************************************************************) yard line, Moore found Travis Kelce on an out-breaking route for a first down. A short second down was converted with a pass to Sammy Watkins for six yards. A couple plays later, Moore found Tyreek Hill deep down the right sideline for a (***********************************************************) yard touchdown. (************)Chiefs 7 Vikings 0. (*************)(********)
(********************)(************)Third drive: (*************)The Chiefs took over from their own (************************************************************************) yard line and went three-and-out after three straight McCoy carries. The Chiefs punted away. (********)
(*********************)(************)Fourth drive: (*************)A drive that began at their own nine yard line started with an (*******************************************************************************) yard pass to Sammy Watkins. Travis Kelce hauled in a (******************************************************************************) yard pass on the next play. An ensuing third-and-short was converted with a five-yard pass to Tyreek Hill. Moore continued his good-looking drive with a (**************************************************************************) yard pass to Watkins — who made a one-handed snag — on the next play and a (********************************************************************************) yard pass to Kelce right after. A few more completions had the Chiefs inside the (****************************************************************************) yard line. A stuffed run on third down led to an attempt at a fourth down conversion — and it was successful with a Damien Williams two-yard run to get to the five yard line. Three straight attempts at a touchdown were unsuccessful — and Harrison Butker converted a (*********************************************************************) yard field goal. (************)Chiefs (********************************************************************************) Vikings 7. (*************)(********)
(**********************)(************)Fifth drive: (*************)A sack on first down and a run stuff on second down put the Chiefs in a third and (***************************************************************************) from their own (************************************************************************) yard line. An incomplete pass had the Chiefs in position to punt with under two minutes left in the half. (********)
(***********************)(************)Second Half(*************)(*****************)
(************************)(************)Sixth drive: (*************)Starting from the (******************************************************************) yard line, the Chiefs got 8 yards on a Damien Williams run. They were not able to gain a yard on the next two plays — and the Chiefs were forced to punt. (********)
(*************************)(************)Seventh drive: (*************)A drive that started at the three yard line began with a tough six yard catch by Watkins. Damien Williams then took off and out-sprinted the entire defense for a (*******************************************************) yard touchdown run. The Chiefs took the lead on the extra point. (************)Chiefs (**************************************************************************) Vikings (***************************************************************************). (*************)(********)
(**************************)(************)Eighth drive: (*************)A (****************************************************************************) yard punt return setup the Chiefs at their own (**************************************************************) yard line. A couple short passes got them a first down. Then, Moore hooked up with Hill deep down the right sideline to get (*****************************************************************) yards. A negative result and a batted down pass put the Chiefs in third and long — and pressure on Moore forced an incompletion. Butker made a (*********************************************************) yard field goal to extend the lead. (************)Chiefs (************************************************************************) Vikings (***************************************************************************). (*************)(********)
(******************************)(************)First half(*************)(*****************)
(*******************************)(************)First drive: (*************)After a touchback on the opening kickoff, the Chiefs forced incompletions on the first two plays. On a third-and-long, interior pressure forced a deep incompletion. The Vikings were forced to punt.(********)
(********************************)(************)Second drive: (*************)Taking over from their own (*************************************************************************) yard line, the Vikings handed off to Dalvin Cook for a short gain on first down. A five-yard pass on second down set up a short third down. The outside run attempt was stuffed by multiple Chiefs defenders — and the Vikings were forced to punt on their second straight three-and-out. (********)
(*********************************)(************)Third drive: (*************)Minnesota started out from their own (********************************************************************) yard line and got eight quick yards from Cook on the first two plays. On the ensuing third and short, a forced incompletion was negated by a defensive holding penalty committed by Charvarius Ward. The Chiefs were able to force another third down — but Kirk Cousins found Laquon Treadwell deep for (*******************************************************************) yards. From the Chiefs (***********************************************************************) yard line, a third-and-long was converted with a (******************************************************************************) yard sideline catch by Treadwell. The Chiefs were able to force another third down, but Cousins found Olabisi Johnson for a four-yard touchdown reception. (************)Chiefs 7 Vikings 7. (*************)(********)
(**********************************)(************)Fourth drive: (*************)The Vikings took over at their own (*************************************************************) yard line and were stopped a yard short on third down. The Vikings punted it away after their third three-and-out. (********)
(***********************************)(************)Fifth drive: (*************)From the (********************************************************************) yard line, the Vikings earned seven yard on the two opening plays. On third and three, Chris Jones threw his blocker into Cousins for a sack and to force the fourth down punt. (********)
(************************************)(************)Sixth drive: (*************)With 1: (**********************************************************) left in the half, the Vikings took over from their (****************************************************************) yard line. Cousins was able to find Irv Smith down the middle of the field for (***********************************************************************) yards on second down. Another big pass play was hauled in by Treadwell to set the Vikings up at the Chiefs (*********************************************************************) yard line with less than a minute remaining. After a nine yard run, the Chiefs forced two incompletions to setup fourth and one — but Cousins was able to convert with a five yard pass to Smith. A couple missed pass attempts later setup a third and (********************************************************************************) — and the Chiefs forced another incompletion. The Vikings kicked a field goal to tie the game. (************)Chiefs (********************************************************************************) Vikings (********************************************************************************). (*************)(********)
(*************************************)(************)Second Half(*************)(*****************)
(**************************************)(************)Seventh drive: (*************)The Vikings took over from the Chiefs (*************************************************************) yard line after Hardman fumbled the opening kickoff of the second half. Two straight eight yard gains had the Vikings (**********************************************************************) yards away from the endzone. A holding call backed up the Vikings — but they got it right back with a (****************************************************************************) yard reception by Kyle Rudolph. A short run had Minnesota in a third and four from the (**************************************************************************) yard line — and Cousins found running back Ameer Abdullah for the touchdown. Vikings missed the extra point. (************)Chiefs (********************************************************************************) Vikings (***************************************************************************)(*************)(********)
(***************************************)(************)Eighth drive: (*************)From their own (************************************************************************) yard line, the Vikings got a wide open (*********************************************************************) yard screen pass to C.J. Ham on second down. The Chiefs defense settled in and stuffed a couple runs to force a third down and seven. An incomplete pass caused by Charvarius Ward led to a Vikings punt. (********)
(****************************************)(************)Ninth drive: (*************)After the Williams touchdown, the Vikings took over at the (********************************************************************) yard line and got (*******************************************************************************) yards on a pass play to Cook. A couple short plays and an offensive penalty later, it was third down with (*****************************************************************************) yards to go. Cousins could not hit his man, and the Vikings were forced to punt. (********)
(******************************************)(************)SPECIAL TEAMS(*************)(**************)
(********************************************)Mecole Hardman fumbled the opening kickoff of the second half and the Vikings recovered at the Kansas City (************************************************************) yard line. (********)
(************************************************)Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen exited the game after re-aggravating his hamstring injury and was labeled as questionable to return late in the first-quarter. (********)

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