Jenelle Evans Has Daughter Ensley Post-Split with David Eason

Jenelle Evans Has Daughter Ensley Post-Split with David Eason


(***)Jenelle Evans(****)
(***)Has Daughter After Split with David Eason …(****)
(***)Wants Full Custody(****)


(*********************************************************************************************)/3/(************************************************************) 1: (****************************************************************************************************) AM PT


(**********)(****************)(*****************)Jenelle Evans(******************)(*******************) is taking care of her and (********************)(*****************)David Eason(******************)(*******************)’s daughter in the wake of filing for divorce … and she aims to keep it that way.(*************)

(**********)Sources close to the former ‘Teen Mom’ star tell TMZ … she has the ex-couple’s 2-year-old, Ensley, with her and will fight for full custody if their case goes to court.(*************)

(**********)We’re told she believes she’s the more fit parent of the two, based on David’s troubling history … which as you know includes shooting and (***********************)(*****************)killing the family dog(******************)(*******************) because it nipped at the child.(*************)

(**********)Our sources say Jenelle doesn’t intend to keep Ensley away from David. We’re told she acknowledges he’s a good dad and loves his daughter, so she wants them to have contact.(*************)

(**********)It’s unclear how she feels about David regarding her 2 older children, to whom he’s been a stepfather since they married in Sept. (*************************************************************). Fact is … he really has no right when it comes to them. It would all be based on what Jenelle wants to do.(*************)




(**********)As we reported … Jenelle (******************************)(*****************)threw in the towel(******************)(*******************) on their marriage this week, saying, “that’s what is best for me, and for my kids.” We’re told it’s also because she believes she (*******************************)(*****************)will not have a career(******************)(*******************) in any field if she stays with David.(*************)

(**********)We broke the story … Jenelle’s already (*********************************)(*****************)pitching MTV(******************)(*******************) to get her old gig back.(*************)


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