Killer claims his life sentence is served because he briefly died

Killer claims his life sentence is served because he briefly died



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Benjamin Schreiber, not pictured, is serving a life sentence for bludgeoning a man to death in (********************).

(*********)(**********)A court in the US has refused to release a convict who argued that he had completed his life sentence when he briefly “died”.(***********)(**********)Benjamin Schreiber, (*************************), was sentenced to life without parole in Iowa for bludgeoning a man to death in (********************).(***********)(**********)He said his sentence ended when his heart stopped during a medical emergency four years ago, even though he was revived.(***********)(**********)But judges said Schreiber’s bid – while original – was “unpersuasive”.(***********)(**********)They said that it was “unlikely” to be dead, as he had signed his own legal documents in the case.(***********)(**********)In (*******************), Schreiber developed septic poisoning as a result of kidney stones. He had to be resuscitated by doctors in hospital, but fully recovered and was returned to prison.(***********)(**********)In Schreiber’s claim, filed last year, he said that he had been resuscitated against his will, and that his brief “death” meant that his life sentence had technically ended.(***********)(**********)The district court ruled against Schreiber – a decisions his lawyer took to the state’s court of appeal. (***********)(**********)On Wednesday, the appeals court upheld the lower court’s ruling. It added that his sentence would not end until a medical examiner formally declares him dead.(***********)
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