Latest On Yoenis Cespedes

Latest On Yoenis Cespedes

(****)By (*****)(******)Connor Byrne(*******)(********) | (*********)November 5, (*********************************)(**********) at (*********)(*********************************************): (****************************************)am CDT(**********) (***********)(************)(*************)(****)It’s easy to forget about him after back-to-back injury-ruined seasons, but (**************)(***************)Yoenis Cespedes(********)(****************) is still a member of the Mets. When the club re-signed Cespedes to a four-year, $(************************************)MM contract entering (***********************************), he was coming off his latest star-caliber showing at the plate, but it proved to be the first of three straight painfully short seasons for the outfielder. Cespedes played (*************************************) games that year, (*****************************************) in (**********************************) and none this season. Heel and ankle problems kept Cespedes off the field this year, and the Mets aren’t sure when or if he’ll return in (********************************), (*****************)Matt Ehalt of Yahoo Sports(********) relays.(***********)
(****)General manager Brodie Van Wagenen, who happens to be Cespedes’ former agent, said Monday it’s (******************)“too early to tell”(*******************) about his chances of playing in (********************************). here’s not (******************)“enough information to predict when he’s going to be back,” (*******************)Van Wagenen added. As Ehalt points out, Cespedes’ up-in-the-air status only serves to complicate matters for Van Wagenen, who’s in a crucial second offseason atop the Mets’ baseball department, as well as the organization as a whole.(***********)
(****)With a $(*******************************************).5MM salary, the (******************************************)-year-old Cespedes is the Mets’ highest-paid player. Because Cespedes’ contract is insured, the club’s in position to recoup (***************************************) to (**************************************) percent once he misses (***************************************) days, Ehalt notes. But if the Mets don’t know how much time Cespedes will sit out in (********************************), it could make it that much more difficult for a team that already may be (********************)spending above its comfort zone(********) to invest money into weaker areas of the roster. Furthermore, there’s a case that even a healthy Cespedes would be superfluous to New York’s roster. The club’s in fine shape at both corner outfield spots, where it boasts (**************)(*********************)Michael Conforto(********)(****************) and (**************)(**********************)Brandon Nimmo(********)(****************) as regulars. (**************)(***********************)Jeff McNeil(********)(****************), (**************)(************************)J.D. Davis(********)(****************) and (**************)(*************************)Dominic Smith(********)(****************) (who looks like a trade candidate) also played those spots frequently in (*********************************) and more than held their own offensively.(***********)
(****)If there’s one place the Mets could upgrade in the outfield, it’s in center, though Cespedes wouldn’t be able to help there. And if Cespedes’ injuries and age make him a subpar outfield option in general nowadays, there’d be no clear place to put him on a team that has NL Rookie of the Year front-runner (**************)(**************************)Pete Alonso(********)(****************) manning first and isn’t part of a league that features a designated hitter.(***********)
(****)While the Mets were undoubtedly excited to re-up Cespedes three years ago after he opted out of his previous deal with the club, his presence has been disastrous for a large portion of the contract. Cespedes’ money could help prevent the Mets from improving their roster to the fullest extent possible this offseason as they try to break a three-year playoff drought in (********************************).(***********)

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