Media reacts to FSU firing Willie Taggart

Media reacts to FSU firing Willie Taggart

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(*****)It was a matter of when, not if, for the end of the Willie Taggart era at Florida State.(******)
(*****)As it turned out, “when” was Sunday afternoon. Following an embarrassing loss to in-state rival Miami on Saturday night, Florida State decided to pull the trigger and get rid of Taggart, who didn’t even make it through two full seasons wth the Seminoles. Taggart was 9-(************************************************************************) through (*********************************************************************) games in Tallahassee, as the honeymoon period was almost non-existent. Taggart is owed a massive buyout, but the university deemed the payout worth it in order to revitalize the program. Now the question is where Florida State goes from here.(******)
(*****)The media discussed Taggart’s firing, his buyout, and what Florida State should do next after the news broke on Saturday.(******) (*******) (****) (********) (*********) (*****)Florida State has a wealth of resources, and the roster was far from bad in Tallahassee. Despite that, Taggart never gained traction. It felt like the Seminoles suffered a disappointing loss every other week with him on the sideline, and the attendance was starting to suffer because of that. With yesterday’s loss to Miami, the Seminoles were staring down the barrel of missing a bowl game for two years in a row for the first time since the (*****************************************************************)s.(******)
(***********)There’s a baseline level of competence that you need to meet, especially at a place like FSU, and Taggart was so far from it you couldn’t see it with a telescope. It wasn’t going to work. (************)*************)(******)
— Dan Wolken (@DanWolken) (**************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)
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(***********)I was really hoping Willie Taggart would excel as HC of (******************)@FSUFootball(*************), but it was painfully clear he was not the right hire. The school needs to get the next hire right … or else it could set the football program back even further.(******)
— mike avila (@mikeavila) (*******************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)

(***********)There’s a saying that what has to be done one day should be done today. That fits with Willie Taggart at (********************)#FSU(*************) (*********************)#GoNoles(*************). It was bad and was not getting any better.(******)
— Adam Gorney (@adamgorney) (**********************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)
(****************) (****************) (***********************) (*********) (**********)
(***********)Finally. (************************)(*************************)It pained me to see (******************)@FSUFootball(*************) go through this. Taggart ha no clue what FSU football was about. From his first photo shoot to that game 1 entrance, players dancing on sidelines, the backpack, the mask… his motto was “Do something.” Now FSU has to earn something. (**************************)***********************************************************************)czVbc(********************************************************************)Q(*************)(******)
— Kevin Baron ???? ?? (@DefenseBaron) (***************************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)
(****************) (****************) (****************************) (*********) (*****)The firing of Taggart won’t come without a hit to Florida State’s wallet. The former Seminoles coach will be getting paid $(**********************************************************************) million to go away in what turned out to be one of the worst contracts in recent college football history. However, the Seminoles being willing to shell out that kind of cash probably means they thought the situation was as dire as it seemed.(******)
(*****************************)(*****)BREAKING: (********************)#FSU(*************) fires Willie Taggart. Odell Haggins named interim head coach. (******)(*****)Taggart went 9-(************************************************************************) in a season and half at Florida State. School paid Taggart’s $(**********************************************************************) million buyout. Must be nice to get canned and then receive a check worth that kind of cash.(******)(****************)
— John Sabol (@John_Sabol) (******************************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)
(****************) (****************) (*******************************) (*********) (**********)
(***********)The hire of Taggart is going to cost (********************)#FSU(*************) a ton of money. It could go down as one of the worst hires in recent college football history. Less than two seasons. Wow.(******)
— Mike Farrell (@rivalsmike) (********************************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)

(*****************************)(*****)I’m not sure what it says that at some point I became numb to the idea of a $(**********************************************************************) million buyout.(******)(*****)$(**********************************************************************) million!! … And yet, I agree with FSU’s president that “we had no choice but to make a change.”(******)(****************)
— Stewart Mandel (@slmandel) (*********************************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)
(****************) (****************) (**********************************) (*********) (**********)
(***********)Wow. FSU needed to do this after yesterday’s disaster but I didn’t think it actually would. That’s a lot of money to eat. But they clearly care about football. (***********************************)*************)(******)
— Dustin McComas (@DMcComasOB) (************************************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)
(****************) (****************) (*************************************) (*********) (*****)Firing Taggart and paying millions in buyout money is only worth it if the Seminoles are able to get the right guy for the job this time around. While the situation in Tallahassee isn’t exactly ideal right now, Florida State is still an appealing job given the school’s championship history, resources, and its location in a talent-rich part of the country. The Seminoles just have to lure a great coach to town.(******)
(***********)I would be very surprised if the firing of Taggart was done without a plan to replace him. My guess is a short list — perhaps as short as 1 — already exists.(******)
— Skip Foster (@skipfoster) (**************************************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)
(****************) (****************) (***************************************) (*********) (**********)
(***********)Disagree. It’s a bad situation today but FSU is a top (*************************************************************************) job. Unless you’re getting USC, there’s no better spot likely to open. And I’m not sure USC is better. (****************************************)*******************************************************************)GIyIu(*************)(******)
— Mr David (@ADavidHaleJoint) (*****************************************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)
(****************) (****************) (******************************************) (*********) (**********)
(*****************************)(*****)Willie Taggart fired by FSU.(******)(*****)Wow… He wasn’t having success at his “dream school”. They look undisciplined and poorly coached but he did inherit a BAD situation too.(******)(*****)Now, who takes this job knowing you don’t even get two seasons to right the ship? (*******************************************)*************)(******)(****************)
— George Wrighster III (@georgewrighster) (********************************************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)
(****************) (****************) (*********************************************) (*********) (**********)
(*****************************)(*****)Sooooo Florida State has fired Willie Taggart. (******)(*****)Tell me, Twitter. Who does FSU get to take over the current—we’ll call it *situation*—in Tallahassee?(******)(****************)
— Taylor Tannebaum (@TaylorTannebaum) (**********************************************)November 3, (****************************************************************)(*************)(***************)
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