Nate Diaz now says ‘f*ck a rematch’ against Jorge Masvidal just days after UFC 244 ended

Nate Diaz now says ‘f*ck a rematch’ against Jorge Masvidal just days after UFC 244 ended

(**)(***)Nate Diaz(****) has got better things to do than beg for a rematch against (*****)Jorge Masvidal(****).(******)
(*******)This past weekend at (********)UFC (************************************)(****), Diaz was not allowed to continue after the third round in his main event fight against Masvidal to crown the first ever “baddest motherf*cker” champion. The ringside physician stopped the fight due to a huge laceration over Diaz’s right eye that he suffered in the opening round but progressively got worse in each passing minute.(******)
(*********)Immediately afterwards, Masvidal told Diaz that they could run it back in a rematch but UFC president Dana White quickly pumped the brakes on immediately putting them back into the Octagon together following a fairly one-sided fight. (******)
(**********)Masvidal had won every round decisively but Diaz was still willing to fight until the doctor wouldn’t allow him to continue.(******)
(***********)Now just a few days removed from the main event battle, Diaz appears uninterested in pursuing a rematch after posting a fiery message via Instagram late Wednesday night. (******)
(************)“F*ck a rematch. This sh*t was over before it started,” Diaz wrote. “Goin on out on tour. Peace out fight game.”(******)

(*************)At the UFC (************************************) post fight press conference, Diaz referenced what he called “f*ckery” that could prevent him from receiving an immediate rematch against Masvidal despite both fighters showing interest in meeting again. (******)
(**************)He then said if politics got in the way of finishing what he started with Masvidal, he might just fade into the background again for another three years after previously sitting out between (****************************) and (***************************) before making his return this past August. (******)
(***************)Diaz had been at odds with the promotion ever since losing a majority decision to (****************)Conor McGregor(****) at (*****************)UFC (****************************************)(****) before initially planning to fight last November in a lightweight showdown against (******************)Dustin Poirier(****).(******)
(*******************)When that fight fell apart, Diaz once again sat on the sidelines until another golden opportunity presented itself when he faced (********************)Anthony Pettis(****) at (*********************)UFC (*************************************)(****) in August. Following a decisive win in that fight, Diaz turned his attention towards Masvidal, which culminated in the main event brawl at UFC (************************************).(******)
(**********************)It appears Diaz is once again ready to fade out of the spotlight for an extended period of time with the UFC balking at a potential rematch with Masvidal. (******)
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