Turkey announces capture of slain ISIS leader al-Baghdadi’s wife

Turkey announces capture of slain ISIS leader al-Baghdadi’s wife



November 6, (****************) (****)|(*****) (***********************): (********************)pm

(***)Turkey has captured a wife of (*******)slain ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi(********), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced Wednesday.(******)
(***)“The United States said Baghdadi killed himself in a tunnel. They started a communication campaign about this,” Erdogan said, according to Reuters.(******)
(***)“But, I am announcing it here for the first time: We captured his wife and didn’t make a fuss like them.”(*********)(**********)
He added: “Similarly, we also captured his sister and brother-in-law in Syria,” he said in a speech at Ankara University.(******)
(***)He offered no details about the woman, one of al-Baghdadi’s four wives, including her name and how she was captured.(******)
(***)The ISIS leader blew himself up during an Oct. (**********************) raid by US special forces on his heavily fortified safe house in the Syrian province of Idlib.(******)
(***)In a televised address after the mission, President Trump described al-Baghdadi’s final moments and said two of his wives were also killed.(******)
(***)Rasmiya Awad, (*******************), al-Baghdadi’s eldest sister, was nabbed Monday with her family on a trailer container near the town of Azaz in a region of Syria occupied by Turkey.(******)
(***)She was with her husband, daughter-in-law and five children when she was detained.(******)
(***)A Turkish official said Awad is suspected of being affiliated with the extremist group and called her capture an intelligence “gold mine.”(******)
(***)It was inclear if Awad’s capture led to intelligence that allowed for the detention of the wife.(*********)(**********)
One of al-Baghdadi’s wives is an Iraqi known by the name of Nour, the daughter of one of his aides, Abu Abdullah al-Zubaie.(******)
(***)Also, one of hi ex-wives was arrested in Lebanon in (******************), and was freed a year later in a prisoner swap with al-Qaida.(******)
(***)At one point, al-Baghdadi also was believed to have been married to a German teenager in (*****************) but she was reported to have fled a year later.(******)
(***)(***********)With Post wires(************)(******)

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